About Me

Hi! I’m Steve, a software engineer currently working in Newcastle, UK.

I’m overweight, and I created this blog to document everything I do and eat in order to try and curb my weight-gain and start losing some of the fat I’ve built up.

I lead a reasonably sedentary lifestyle, mostly thanks to the nature of my job. 8 hours a day I am at my desk, but I do walk to and from most days of the week (totalling around 15 miles per week) and go hill-walking at the weekends. Up until now, I have eaten what I wanted (some pizza, pasta and breads) at the times of day predetermined by conventional wisdom. As a result, I’m overweight (at the time of writing, 95kg/210 lbs) and wearing size 38″ jeans.

Over a year ago, I tried a ketogenic diet, very low in carbohydrates and very high in saturated fats with moderate protein, and was immensely successful. I had dropped to 80kg/170lbs and was about to buy my first pair of size 34″ jeans, without any real change in my exercise. Then I sort of “gave up” and slowly crept back to my old eating habits, sometimes because they taste good and I once again became addicted to them, and other times because of the company I was in.

Now, I’m back up to 95kg, back into my old much larger jeans and back to my old eating habits.

This blog is an attempt to document and put on display the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle and how it worked for me, and how it will work for me again as I dive in head-first to get my dietary habits back on track.


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