The journey begins.. again

I say again, because this is the second time that I’ve given this a serious go.

I’m Steve, I work in the North-East of England in a mostly sedentary job and I try not to do any intensive exercise if I can avoid it. I’m a very keen advocate of the low-carb lifestyle (think ketogenic or paleo diets – what this blog is all about) and I’m also a skeptic.

In August 2013, I weighed 96kg (around 210lbs), nearly busting out of size 38 waist jeans and I was partial to a bit of pizza.

In January 2014, I weighed around 80kg (176lbs), was about to buy my first pair of 34″ jeans and I hadn’t eaten pizza in 5 months. That’s around a 17% weight loss in a relatively short space of time, entirely achieved through modifying my diet and disregarding conventional wisdom. I didn’t put any extra hours in at the gym (in fact, I cancelled my membership a few months prior), I didn’t take any special diet pills and I certainly didn’t have any surgery.

Now, in January 2015, I’m back up to 96kg and it’s getting out of control. The only lifestyle change I have made in 12 months is to revert back to my old ways of eating whatever, as I thought “Hey, I’m thin enough now – bring on the pizza!”.Unfortunately, it has been my undoing.

Hence, I’m starting the journey again. This blog is not an attempt to somehow provide accountability when everyone can see when I fail, but is instead an outlet for educating others that altering your diet in certain ways does not have to be painful or fruitless, but can (and does) promote weight loss – if that’s your goal – but also generally improving your health, including mitigation against type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other dreadful illnesses that could be prevented if only we would alter our approach to food, to the food industry and to the people and organisations who are supposed to be guiding us with this sort of stuff, not making us sicker.

There are a lot of people blogging and writing about the real effects of a low-carb diet (I’m loath to use the word ‘diet’ as it seems temporary), including food nutritionists, scientists and people like you and me who have seen the light, and I’m just adding to the pile. It’s still an uphill struggle though and there’s a long way to go, but I would feel incredibly guilty if I didn’t at least try to help educate people.

In this blog you will find:

  • Personal stories of my journey back to health and well being
  • Accounts of where industry and government have failed us
  • Recipes and photos of the stuff I make and eat
  • Other paleo/keto related ramblings

Hopefully you’ll find it interesting and that if you’re not already engaging in a low-carb diet but want a change or want to try something new, perhaps some of the stuff I write about will inspire you to start!

The journey begins.. again

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